60 Hilarious White Lies Everyone in a Relationship Tells

We all have little white lies we tell on a daily basis—whether to friends, coworkers, or family members. But it’s the relationship white lies that might be the most important, especially during a time when many of us are hunkering down with our significant others and social distancing from everyone else. It’s more important than ever to keep our romantic partnerships on the steadiest footing possible, and let’s face it, sometimes that requires bending the truth a little.

Whether you’ve been together for five weeks or fifty years, every smart partner knows that brutal honesty does not a happy relationship make. In fact, according to a 2014 study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, those white lies can actually be beneficial to relationships, helping those who engage in them to avoid bigger fights along the way. So, from laying it on a bit thick when praising your significant other’s cooking skills to trying to keep a tense family dynamic under control, these are the hilarious fibs every person tells at some point during a relationship. And for more lies you might have told lately, here are 11 Lies Everyone Tells in Quarantine.

1″I didn’t touch the thermostat.”

thermostat in cooler part of the home, relationship white lies

You like it a balmy 80 degrees in the house. Your spouse likes it a frigid 65. And in lieu of a true compromise, you just sneak the thermostat up a few degrees when they aren’t looking, pretending like you don’t know how it happened.

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