20 Money-Saving Tips For Shopping In Costco

Costco is one of the best retailers out there for low prices and savings, but wouldn’t it be better if you could save even more money at Costco? Of course it would, and thankfully, you can.

Sure, scoring free food samples might save you a few bucks, but there are other ways you can save money at this major warehouse superstore. Click through to discover 20 nifty tricks that can help you pay less at Costco.

1. Split bulk items with a friend.

If you are single or live in a small space, it’s probably hard to justify purchasing and storing a package of 30 rolls of toilet paper, even if it is only $19.50.But listen: That stuff is even more expensive in regular grocery or big box stores. Head to Costco with a friend to split up bulk packages of essentials and the costs — it’s absolutely worth the savings.

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