18 Good Dogs for Seniors Who Want or Need a Furry Companion

How to Choose the Best Dog for an Older Person

You can enjoy the various advantages of dog ownership at any age, but it is vital to seek out the proper animal. Here are some factors to weigh when selecting a dog:

  • Energy level—Some breeds require more exercise than others. If you’re fairly active, you’ll be ready to handle a dog that needs many playtime and opportunities to run. But if you’ve got mobility or stamina issues, you would possibly want to settle on a dog that’s content with a couple of short walks. Some very small dogs may even be ready to get all the exercise they have just by running around inside your home.
  • Size—Smaller dogs are easier to stay in check and are more suitable for seniors living in condos, apartments, or care facilities. Small dogs can slot in your lap, are more portable than larger breeds, won’t physically overwhelm you, and maybe easily washed during a sink. However, some small dogs have much nervous energy and check out to form up for his or her diminutive stature with many barking. (This doesn’t always hold, though: Among dogs that bark the smallest amount are smaller breeds just like the pug and therefore the Boston terrier). Alternatively, docile larger dogs that do not require tons of maintenance could also be an honest choice.
  • Age—Older dogs are better dogs for seniors to adopt than puppies that are super active and have a tendency to chew and nip. (Most dogs are considered to be “seniors” once they reach about age seven.) Adult dogs are typically already housetrained and well-socialized with people. Mature dogs also tend to be the calmest dogs, with more predictable behavior patterns. additionally, it’s knowing to believe the anticipation of various dogs and the way likely it’s that your pet will outlive you. Who will look out of your dog if you are not around to try to so?
  • Temperament—Dogs’ temperaments are influenced by the genes they’re born with also because of the way they’re mentioned. While any dog is often raised to be friendly, some breeds are more naturally conditioned to be gentle and welcoming. Beagles, retrievers, poodles, and bulldogs are among the dogs that have the simplest temperament. But confine mind that each animal features a unique personality. attempt to interact with any potential pet you’re considering to urge a pity how well-suited you’re to every other.
  • Grooming requirements—Some breeds got to be bathed, trimmed, and clipped regularly, while others just need a fast brush every so often. make certain to settle on a dog whose needs you’ll manage, either by yourself or with the assistance of a loved one or professional groomer.
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